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Round like the moon - what is the cause?

There are many people out there who seem to be more fleshy (or, subtlety aside, more fat) than they really are because they have a round face. These are very frequently young, completely proportional people when height to weight ratio is regarded that appear to be overweight although they are not. Although diet might be the default answer, there is actually very little fat on the face itself and there will be slight, but not drastic results. A person could actually be lean, but some of the defining bony features of the person's face might not be so prominent and it will seem round and undefined. But these patients surely know that they are overweight and some liposuction of the neck and some other lipectomies can maybe make some difference.


We have just mentioned that there is little fat on the face, but liposuction can do some work if extra fat tissue is adding to the problem. General liposuction is not possible, and only certain spots on the face are treated. These areas would include area beneath the chin, the region of the neck, and cheek region. In some cases, it might be possible to remove pouches of fat around the eyes, or cut off some excess skin. As a rule, patients with a chubby face have the thick and elastic skin, which can, in this case, be to heavy and sag after liposuction.


Once the fat has been removed, some of the prominent facial features, such as the nose, could be modified for an improved visual effect. Typically, the nose's tip is narrowed and its ridge is augmented, thus making the nose larger and less 'lost' and 'sunken' in the face.

Adding up

What mostly determines how our face looks are cheekbones and chin. Even minor augmentation of the chin can drastically improve the appearance of the lower facial region, as it will pull up whatever is on the neck and thus make it less pronounced. In some rare cases, it also helps to introduce implants that will alter the angle of the jaw. Modification by cheek implants is tricky and one must make a good assessment on a computer-generated 3D model of the patient's face before deciding in what way to modify cheek appearance. Typically, these implants add to the triangular shape of the face, but their exact size and position must be carefully determined, as they could just make the face look wider.

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