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It all started with the rich and famous. However, nowadays almost anyone can afford plastic surgery. Thus, this way of aesthetically improving yourself has become very popular, affecting ever-wider parts of our planet. Cosmetic surgery helps people correct some parts of their body they are not satisfied with and allows them to turn back the time, restoring youthful tightness of the skin, removing wrinkles and other signs of aging. All in all, it helps people achieve whatever they want, when it comes to aesthetic values. Still, numerous people have gone overboard and have had so many surgeries that their faces are barely recognizable today.

Priscilla Presley

We all still remember the King and cannot help but to dance and sing once we hear his majestic voice played on TV, radio or the stereo at our own home. His widow wife, Priscilla, is sixty two years old and has had more plastic surgeries than her body could have withstood without significant consequences. This has earned her a name and a front page in many plastic surgery magazines.

She started with fixing some irregularities on her face and moved to improving certain features. In time, she lost control completely. Now she has implants and lifts all over her body and has sat through countless plastic surgeries. Moreover, lately, she has been experiencing a raise in publicity and is being invited to numerous TV shows. Hopefully, this will not motivate her to schedule yet another appointment with her plastic surgeon.

Going Overboard

Initially, Priscilla Presley managed to conceal the years perfectly by removing wrinkles and removing any other signs of getting older. However, today, signs of excessive Botox treatment are clearly visible on her face. Her cheeks are quite different from the ones she had while she was younger and this fact has pushed many into thinking that she had implants placed in the area. Now, Priscilla Presley's face is much wider than before, especially the nose, which is a sign of a special procedure called mid face lift. This type of plastic surgery is quite risky and dangerous. Also, if mistakes occur during the procedure, the look of the patient is bound to stay unnatural for the rest of his/her life.

Moving on to the lips, which were once quite thin on young Priscilla Presley. Today, she has full lips, which are yet another sign of plastic surgery at its best. There are no lines around her eyes apart from a minimal number of age lines which managed to escape the surgeon's knife or syringe.

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