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Information on Chicory Root

Chicory plant originated from Europe, Egypt and India. Atthe end of the nineteenth century it has been introduced in the United States.It is a weed and it requires temperate climate in order to be grown. It theregions of northern Europe it is grown widely because it can be used as analternative for coffee. Sometimes an excessive consumption of chicory root inany type can be associated with certain side effects which may affect one’shealth in many negative ways.

Uses of Chicory Root

Chicory root is very efficient in sedating, soothing andcalming a person and it is known for its stress relieving properties. Chicoryroot also contains certain sorts of dietary fiber which may be of great helpwhen it comes to the prevention and treatment of diarrhea and constipation. Thefiber is also very efficient in aiding the process of digestion. Chicory rootcan help in soothing all those who suffer from certain types of medicalconditions such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Chicory leaves can becooked as a vegetable, while the root can be boiled with butter and used as awelcome addition to numerous kinds of dishes. Chicory root is known for itsbitter taste and it is why it can be ground and used as a substitute forcoffee. It can also be added to various types of coffee, tea or other beveragesto provide a slightly bitter taste.

Chicory Root Extract Side Effects

Chicory root may be very dangerous for pregnant women as itmay induce the emmenagogue effects. It increases and stimulates themenstruation in the female body which may lead to abortion. Pregnant women shouldsteer clear of chicory root in any type. Chicory root can also be associatedwith the development of a medical condition known as the contact dermatitis.Direct contact with the chicory plant may result in various types of allergicreactions with symptoms such as itching and skin irritation. Chicory root mayalso interact with certain types of medications and supplements, especiallywith the drugs used for the treatment of different types of gallbladderdiseases. Chicory root can also be affiliated with blurred vision and similareye problems. Contaminated chicory root can trigger toxicities and various medicalcomplications after being consumed. It is always a good idea to consult aprofessional healthcare provider before consuming chicory root in any form inorder to avoid any potential side effects.

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