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Guarana extract side effects

Information on Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is recognized as a very efficient energy booster in various countries everywhere around the world but unfortunately enough it may also be associated with certain side effects in some cases. Guarana is a climbing plant which comes from the family of maples known by the botanical name of a sapindaceae. Its own scientific name is paullinia cupana. It originates from the Amazon basin and is nowadays commonly grown in Brazil and Venezuela. It can be characterized by red fruits, clustered flowers and large green leaves. The red fruits are filled with tiny black seeds which are known for contain at least twice as much caffeine as the coffee beans. Guarana extract is an integral ingredient in numerous different types of sports drinks, diet pills, fat burners, energy drinks and similar products because of its energy boosting properties. Guarana contains higher amounts of caffeine than most other plants and it is also different from coffee and similar plants because its release time is very slow. The caffeine gets released at a very slow rate which means that it takes much time for the human body to absorb it so it provides a much longer stimulation than all the other caffeinated products.

Side Effects of Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is very similar to the chemical structure of coffee beans so it is often affiliated with certain side effects which are commonly affiliated with the consumption of coffee. The most common side effects of guarana extract may or may not include nausea, hyperactivity, vomiting, heartburn, insomnia, diarrhea, nervousness, frequent urination, anxiety, shortness of breath, restlessness, palpitations, headaches, shakiness and an upset stomach. People who suffer from certain medical conditions such as thyroid problems, heart problems, kidney diseases and diabetes may sometimes experience certain severe side effects after consuming guarana extract in any form. Those side effects may or may not include high blood pressure, dizziness, abnormally rapid heart rate, stomach cramps, arrhythmia, agitation, seizures and tightness in the chest, chest pain and difficulty in breathing. All severe side effects of guarana extract require immediate medical attention. Guarana extract may also sometimes interact with certain types of medications. Those who suffer from heart disorders, glaucoma, kidney disorders, osteoporosis, bleeding disorders and hypertension should steer clear of guarana extracts. Allergic reactions to guarana extract may be manifested in some or all of the following symptoms: hives, wheezing, rash, difficulty in swallowing, itching, difficulty in breathing, swollen lips, swollen mouth and swollen tongue. Children and pregnant women should avoid consuming guarana extract.

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