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Chicory root extract

This particular extract can be found in lots of supplements and additives which are mainly used for diets where there is a need for more fiber intake.Probably the best known product with this root is chicory coffee. This coffee is made from dried, roasted and ground roots of the chicory plant. When produced, it is in the form of a powder. This powder can then be used when a person is making a coffee or it can be added to regular coffee powder. People have been familiar with this plant for a long period of time and have been using it in both culinary and medicinal purposes and therefore coffee substitute is not the only use for the chicory root. Today, various chicory plants are being grown all over the world and put to all sorts of uses. Some types of chicory are used as vegetables, a good example is radicchio leaves. Others are mainly grown because of the roots and some people even make beer out of them. However, the latest use for this root is the inclusion in some diets because it is rich in fiber.

What is chicory root extract

Chicory root was used by mankind for a long period of time and for lots of different purposes. However, it was not until the 1970's that the inulin was found in the chicory root. Chicory root proved to possess a lot of inulin. The inulin itself can be used both as a sweetener and as a probiotic since it is a polysaccharide. There are not that many naturally appearing plant fibers, but inulin is one of them. 30% of inulin can be found in a fresh chicory root while the extract of this root possesses amazing 98% of the substance. Because of this fact, this extract is nowadays included in almost every high fiber diet.

Chicory root extract benefits

A majority of people say that this extract bears many benefits. It is known that diabetics are using it instead of sugar. People who suffer from high blood pressure are advised to use it because chicory root extract can lower it. Rheumatism, gout, joint rigorousness and stomachache are only some of the problems which the use of this extract can ease. Some people are even using it when they need to cleanse their organs and blood.

It is said that chicory root extract has many benefits but there is still no strong scientific proof that that is true. Side effects have also not been proven but there are rumors that overuse of this extract may provoke contact dermatitis and eye problems, among others. A word with the doctor before a person decides to use it advisable.

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