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Information on Valerian Root

There are many people who use valerian root as an aid fornumerous sleep problems. It is a natural remedy and it has been used for suchpurposes for many centuries, ever since the times of the ancient Greece. It hasalso been used for the treatment of various nervous system disorders anddigestion problems.

What to Know about Valerian Root Side Effects

Those who suffer from mild and moderate insomnia often usevalerian root in order to help them to fall asleep much more easily. Numerousstudies have shown that valerian root is efficient in decrease the amount oftime required to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the valerian root can beassociated with certain side effects, mainly due to the fact that it affectsthe central nervous system. Not everyone will experience any side effects whenusing valerian root. Valerian root is a natural remedy with very potentdiuretic properties which means that it is efficient in helping the body loseexcess water weight. It may also be associated with numerous medicalcomplications, especially when used for prolonged periods of time.Complications usually include insomnia, headaches and sometimes even agitation.People who take prescription medicaments such as benzodiazepines andbarbiturates (ativan, Valium and Xanax, for example) should definitely steerclear of valerian root. Valerian root interacts with those medications, whichmay lead to serious medical conditions. One should never abruptly stop usingvalerian root because of the specific way it works in the human body. The bodyhas to be weaned from the valerian root and its effects, in order to protectthe central nervous system from any damage or harm. Some people may be allergicto valerian root. Allergic reactions to valerian root usually include symptomssuch as difficulty breathing and swelling.

Other Side Effects

Valerian root may also be associated with several othertypes of side effects as well. Those may or may not include drowsiness,difficulty with short-term memory, difficulty concentrating, sleepiness duringthe day and a lack of ability to remain alert during the day. These sideeffects are usually common, and it is a good idea to always take the valerianroot an hour before going to sleep. One should always sleep for at least six hoursafter taking the valerian root.

Important Notes to Keep in Mind

Valerian root should not be used for longer than two weeks,because it is very powerful and it affects the central nervous system. Itshould never be mixed with alcohol, drugs or medications. Valerian root is alsoknown for causing dependency problems.

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