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Information on Valerian Root

Valerian root is a floweringplant and it is a perennial one, at that. It has been used for the productionof perfumes ever since the sixteenth century. The people of ancient Greece andRome have also used it for numerous different types of purposes. Valerian plantis easily recognized by pink or white flowers and very sweet scent. Valerianoriginates from Europe and certain parts of Asia, but nowadays it can be foundin North America as well. Valerian is also commonly consumed by the larvae ofcertain species of moths and butterflies. Valerian got its name from a Latinword which stands for strength and health.

Medicinal Valerian Root Uses

Valerian root is commonly used for the production of variousdifferent types of ointments and oils. The root can also be dried and used inthe form of capsules or to make herbal tea. Valerian root can be purchased inthe form of liquid extracts, tinctures, tablet and capsules. Ever since theancient times of mankind, it has been used for the prevention and treatment ofnausea, urinary tract disorders, insomnia, digestive ailments, liver problemsand many other different types of medical disorders. Numerous different kindsof medical problems with the nervous system may be relieved by Valerian root. Valerianroot is known for its very potent diuretic properties and it may come in veryhandy for all those who suffer from epilepsy and hysteria because it is veryefficient in relaxing the central nervous system. Valerian root may also bevery helpful in reducing stress and exhaustion and treating delusions, panic,fear, anxiety irritability and depression. Valerian root is considered as amild type of tranquilizer. Those who suffer from stomach cramps, indigestion orother similar problems induced by nervousness may benefit greatly from using Valerian root. Valerian root may also come in very handy when it comes todealing with behavioral problems, headaches, bedwetting, attention deficit hyperactivitydisorder, nail biting, convulsions, migraine, high blood pressure and seizures.Valerian root is efficient in alleviating the irritable bowel syndrome,diarrhea, ulcerative pain, gas and all other problems of the digestive tract.

Other Valerian Root Uses

Valerian root is commonly used as catnip, or in other words,to attract cats. This is because it contains actinides. Pregnant andbreastfeeding women should not use Valerian root for any purposes. Valerianroot may sometimes be associated with liver damage.

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