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What is Champix varenicline and is it really helpful inquitting smoking?

Champix is a relatively new product on the market, which issuppose to help people who want to get rid of the nicotine addiction once andfor all. It is manufactured in the form of a tablet, and it is helpful due toits content of varenicline, which affects the brain, or more precisely, thesame receptors are stimulated as when nicotine is used, which helps people notto experience the symptoms of withdrawal or craving for a cigarette. Simultaneously,if a person lights a cigarette, this substance will block nicotine receptorsand the inhaled smoke will have no enjoyable effect on the smoker. Thismedication can be obtained with the prescription only, and it is recommendedthat every person who really wants to quit on this habit begins to use Champix atleast two weeks earlier, because it takes some time for this medicine to startworking.

Are there any side effects of Champix?

Regarding the safety of this medicine, it is important to saythat it is not to be used by children or those who are under 18, as well as by people allergicto some of its ingredients. As for its safety in cases of pregnant and breastfeeding women,it is much better to simply not to use it, because it is not known if it can have someeffect on fetus or baby. Also, those who have problems with kidneys (such asdecreased kidney function), epilepsy, or a history of certain psychiatricillnesses (among which are depression, bipolar disorder) should also not usethis medicine. No studies on side effects in cases of people with mental health problems have beenconducted, but there have been reported depression, hostility, agitation,disturbing thoughts and some changes in the mood and behavior among thepatients who used Champix. It is well known that some of these symptoms may beexperienced even when people are trying to quit smoking without the help of somemedicines, but if any of them are noticed while using Champix, it is necessaryto stop taking the medication immediately and to consult a doctor whoprescribed it.

Some mild problems that are not serious and that may beexperienced are headache, nausea, insomnia, fatigue, dry mouth, increasedappetite, as well as some gastrointestinal problems such as constipation,bloating, indigestion. Very rarely people have complained about problems withspeech, tremor, changes in the sex drive, throat irritation and inflammation, skinirritations, and stiffness in the joints.

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