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Chantix - Facts

Chantix is the medication used to treat the smokingaddiction. It is also known under the generic name varenicline, or as the Champix. Itcan be useful to decrease the cravings for cigarettes, but also to decreasepleasure people get from smoking or chewing tobacco.

This medication works by affecting the same receptors in thebrain as nicotine from the cigarettes. Chantix binds to these receptors andlead to pleasurable feeling, so you don’t have to smoke to achieve thatsensation anymore. That’s why it has proven to be helpful to people in quittingcigarettes forever.

This medication can be given only if your doctor prescribedit to you. About 6 million Americans used Chantix so far, so there is high chancethat medication is suitable for you, too. Several groups of people are advisednot to use this drug. Kidney and heart patients, elderly and young adults (underthe age of 18) should not use Chantix. Pregnant women and breastfeeding momsshould also avoid this medication, since it can hurt their baby.

There is nothing special you should do, when you get theprescription. Use medication exactly as your doctor said you should do and inthose recommended doses. Usually, it is taken with the glass full of water. Foodthat you eat doesn’t impair Chantix effects, but if your doctor asks you toavoid certain foods or drinks you should do so.

Side Effects

Talk to your doctor about this medication. Also, consultyour pharmacist if there is anything left unclear about Chantix.

Common adverse effect is nausea, but some patients also reportedheadaches and sleeping problems, and some had abnormal dreams.

Rarely, patients using Chantix experienced vomiting,constipation, gasses and abdominal pain. Some people on this anti-smokingmedicine had problems with change of taste.

Recent side effect reports associate Chantix with moodswings and suicidal thoughts.


Chantix is the medication approved by the FDA (Food and DrugAdministration), but only to be used for 12 or 24 weeks. Most doctors suggesttesting the drug for 12 weeks. After that time you should see some improvementin your smoking habits. If there is not any progress, perhaps this medicationis not suitable for you.

There are doctors recommending the usage of Chantix for 52weeks, claiming that it will make even more significant results. Be aware thatso prolonged use might cause serious unwanted side effects.

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