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Smoking Kills

Smoking is a problem which has beenhanging above human kind, like a hazardous cloud, taking lives one byone, victims rising to a number greater that anyone of us is aware.Rooted deeply in our history, this negative habit, manifesting eitherthrough breathing in the fumes of tobacco or cannabis rolled in paperand lit, or through various other methods of exposing one's lungs tothis dangerous smoke, smoking has remained in our global society eventoday. In fact, today, more people than ever are smoking and enjoyingit, knowing that this is harmful both for their health and the healthof those near them.

Namely, statistics say that around 50%of smokers die prematurely, directly from their negative habit.Moreover, they pull quite a number of passive smokers with them,since being exposed to smoke is harmful, regardless if you are asmoker or not.

Some cultures need smoking for theirreligious rituals, others consider it an antidepressant and a kind ofa sedative. However, some countries and cultures have realized thedanger of smoking and have prohibited it completely or have launchednumerous anti-smoking campaigns.

Nevertheless, the main change needs tocome from the person taking a cigarette. Therefore, the methoddescribed below may be just what you need in order to leave smokingonce and for all and choose life instead.

Modern Times – Modern Measures

There is a drug called Champix orvarenicline. This drug, when taken regularly and according to theinstructions provided, can help one leave cigarettes and stop smokingfor good. This medication has been proven to help you deal with thesmoking cessation, which can sometimes be a bothersome process.However, the rest is up to you. You cannot simply take the pill andstop smoking. You need to be strong, willing to change and to followthe rules of usage. If you give your best, the 12 weeks program ofusing Champix or varenicline can help you never smoke again. It takesa year of abstinence in order to completely overcome this negativehabit. Thus, even though the drug helps, the greatest responsibilitylies in your hands.

The special treatment related with thedrug enables you to visit counseling therapy where you will getintroduced with the medication and the ways in which it affects yourbody. You will also be given useful advice which will help you inyour smoking cessation process.

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