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Who Is Behind Water Pollution?

Polluted water has started to be a great danger for the living creatures since long time ago. However, that very fact has done little to stop humans from being the only ones who contribute to the pollution. Rather, the number of industries which, legally or illegally, release their waste into rivers and oceans only increases. Along with those are farmers and the agricultural branch in general, since many release poisonous leftovers from pesticides and the likes into waters belonging to all of us. Human inability to accept nature instead of chemicals has lead to the terribly unfortunate amount of pollution in our air, caused by oil driven cars and other machines, regardless of numerous healthy energy sources available. All this pollution gets expelled through rains, and returns to our waters closing the seemingly never-ending circle of mass pollution. Whether the sources are organic like sewage bacteria, food remains, fuels, oils and similar, or inorganic like different chemicals and heavy metals, this type of pollution, if continued, let alone advanced, may cause a grim future for humanity.

Additional Causes and Damages of Water Pollution

If we add on nuclear waste, full of radioactive substances, which is either disposed underground or thrown somewhere else, to the list of polluting factors, it is not hard to grasp the severity of its damage. Radiation has already caused so many side-effects and problems through different diseases and other manifestations, proving its harmful manifestation. Its illegal disposal into waters may cause extinction of many types of fish and organisms living there. Additionally, either extremely cold or hot waters which different branches expose off after the production process, if thrown into waters in the nature, create imbalance and improper living conditions for many organisms. Finally, numerous cases of oil leakage from tankers out in the oceans caused irreparable damage the effect of which we are yet to face.

Unfortunately, the list of those who contribute to water pollution goes on. Regular people, mostly farmers, living in agricultural areas near rivers and waters in general, tend to throw all the remains of their work into the waters themselves. This leads to presence of numerous chemicals, feces and many other substances in the water. In undeveloped countries around the world, this is a common practice, since people do not seem to defer rivers from sewage. Terrible living conditions and absence of adequate housing and infrastructure only makes the above mentioned things more present.

To conclude, there are numerous things that can be done in order to save our waters from getting completely unusable. However, for that to take place, people need to raise their level of public conscience and work together in order to solve the problem. Let us hope we will.

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