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There are many different types of indoor pollution. Some of these stem from the combustion of fuel during food preparation processes. Others may be emitted from different substances used for creating modern buildings. Nevertheless, developing countries are at a highest risk of suffering from indoor pollution, possibly causing asthma, cancer and cataract. Smoking cigarettes inside the household will contribute to development of these problems. Facts about Indoor Pollution

Cataract is one of the most common reasons behind vision loss and vision impairment, on a global level. In fact, more than 50% of two million people who become blind every year, experience this due to the formation of cataract. Females living in developing countries are the group with the highest risk for developing this condition.

Fortunately, cataract can be successfully treated when noticed early. Nevertheless, prevention remains the best possible cure for this vision problem.

Some of main reasons behind cataract formation are UV-B radiation, stemming from excessive exposure to sunlight, diabetes, diarrhea, malnutrition, lack of proper medical care and hygienic conditions and one's occupation.

However, recently, it has been discovered that cigarette smoke can contribute greatly to the formation of cataract.

Cigarette Smoke vs. Cataract

If we take a country like India, where 1/3 of the entire female population and 2/3 of the males are tobacco consumers into consideration, we will notice that in this country, vision problems are quite a common occurrence. Cataract, macular degeneration and glaucoma are frequent diseases which affect Indian people, predominantly cigarette smokers.

Namely, tobacco smoke contains free radicals which affect the lens of the human eye negatively, leading to deterioration of the cell membrane in this part of our eye. Additionally, smokers lack the necessary enzymes and antioxidants which can deal with this vision deterioration. Thus, in the long run, smokers are more likely to develop cataract that those who do not smoke cigarettes.

Other Types of Smoke Damaging the Eyes

In developing countries people usually prepare food in less hygienic conditions. Also, they use wood which, when ablaze, releases chemicals that can lead to cancer and numerous other health problems. Thus, people of the lower social status are more likely to suffer from health problems due to indoor pollution than those who are not living in these conditions.

Alternatively, other fuels used for cooking food may not be clean and safe as well. Thus, a different method of food preparation is necessary in these countries. As for smoking, people are advised to quit since it will only lead to health problems in the long run, both for smokers and their families.

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