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Air pollution represents the introduction of a variety of chemicals, particulate matter or even biological material that can easily cause harm to humans as well as other living organisms in the particular environment. Today many areas in the world are polluted and people are exposed to many pollutants on daily bases. It is no wonder that the pollutants we are constantly exposed to may be responsible for some of the illnesses we are suffering from. Pollutants are either directly of indirectly connected to the onset of the disease and scientists have confirmed such connection. Asthma, heart attack, certain types of cancer and infertility are only some of many medical conditions associated with environmental and air pollution.

Air Pollution and Heart Attack

Most people are familiar with factors that contribute to atherosclerosis, narrowing of heart blood vessels and heart attack. Even though major contributors of heart attack are improper diet (food rich in fat and cholesterol), increased blood pressure, lack of physical activity etc. even air pollution may be associated with this potentially fatal condition. Namely, it has been discovered that fine particles of pollution may be responsible for formation of blood clots. So certain pollutants increase blood clotting hence they are able, together with other factors, to contribute to heart attack. Certain medical studies have revealed that air pollution caused by trucks exhaust, buses, cars and some factories actually could increase the risk of heart disease (and heart attack as one of them). There is another, indirect, connection of air pollution and heart attack. The pollution leads to inflammation of the lungs. This inflammation subsequently causes synthesis of interleukin-6, a very powerful substance in charge of the defense of the immune system. Interleukin-6 leads to further inflammation and this increases the chance of blood clotting.Air Pollution and Infertility and Several More Illnesses

Air pollution has also been connected with infertility. There are many biological, chemical and organism pollutants that may, particularly if one is chronically exposed to them, cause serious problems with infertility.

There are several more medical conditions tightly related to air pollution. They include respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies and rhinitis, kidney disease, diabetes and some systemic diseases.

Furthermore, apart from curable medical conditions, air pollution may be responsible for some serious illnesses that shorten one's life span drastically and may not be cured at all. For example, formaldehyde is a carcinogen chemical compound (may induce a growth of certain cancers) while other substances (e.g. glycol ethers) are highly toxic for red blood cells, bone marrow and lymph in general.

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