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Global warming and the green house effect are one of the main concerns of the modern times. Industrial progress has lead to the exploitation of nature and its resources creating many unwanted side effects. Humans are destroying their own planet, causing the irreversible climate changes and pollution.

Natural causes

The main cause of global warming is known as the Green house effect. It is a natural phenomena occurring on Earth in which radioactive energy that leaves a planetary surface becomes absorbed by atmospheric gasses. These gasses transfer energy to the other components of the atmosphere and back to the surface of Earth. The Greenhouse effect may have natural causes such as the emissions of gases like nitrous oxide, carbon-dioxide, methane, ozone and water vapor. However, many human-produced causes are responsible for global warming and warming of the Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere.

The Greenhouse effect is normally beneficial to the Earth and the living beings, because it traps infrared radiation from the Sun. Gasses are slowing down the escape of the infra red radiation. However, when human-made processes increase the atmospheric greenhouse gases, problems occur. One of the most prominent problems is the Global warming.

Men-made causes

All of the electrical devices emit gasses that contribute to the Greenhouse effect. These gases are known as chlorofluorocarbons and they are often being used in refrigerators, aerosol cans, various foaming agents in the packaging industry, fire extinguisher chemicals and cleaners in the electronic industry.

Burning out gasoline oil and coal may also cause changes in the natural Greenhouse effect. Most of the factories and industrial plants release dangerous gasses, that wouldn’t be normally available, in the atmosphere. By this, they contribute to the Green house effect and the global warming of the Earth.

Surprisingly enough, population growth may also indirectly contribute to the cause of the Greenhouse effect. More people means more needs and wants and more manufacturing and industrial processes to satisfy those needs. This will result in an excessive emission of industrial gassed and acceleration of the Greenhouse effect. Population expansion also means the increase of the agricultural processes and use of man-produced machines like farm machinery or automobiles.

The most appropriate response to climate change should be to limit theemission of greenhouse gases against the costs. However, there aremany confronting views about the benefits and costs of such a response.There are many of disputes regarding the nature and causes of globalwarming and the controversy is significantly more pronounced in thepopular media than in scientific literature.

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