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Drinking water purification methods

The Water We Drink

We are aware that we have polluted most of the water we have on our planet. Therefore, this water is not safe for drinking due to numerous chemicals being a part of it, being potentially dangerous for our health and, thereby, consumption.

Thus, water needs to be purified if taken from these sources. Salty water from oceans needs to be deprived of salt and other things it contains while other water needs to be purified so that it no longer contains harmful substances.

Either way, there are procedures which need to be done in order to make water safe for drinking. Sometimes, this water is purified by means which enable it to be used for specific industrial purposes. The reminder of this article will deal with different purification methods used for making water drinkable and healthy.

Before any procedures take place, however, the water is cleansed by being let through a clean piece of clothing or by staying in a container for a while, all the harmful substances reaching the bottom.

Water Purification Processes

One of the best ways of getting clean and healthy water is through purchasing bottled water. However, this way is one of the most expensive ones and many people cannot afford drinking this water, regardless of how paradoxical this might seem, considering the fact that water belongs to all of us.

As for other methods, boiling is one of the cheapest and safest ways. Namely, all you have to do is to expose the water to heat. Around 100 degrees Celsius is needed for killing most of the microbes known to us, with the exception of certain fungal cultures, which are destroyed at 118. You need to boil the water for about half an hour in order for it to be safe for drinking. On the other hand, for cooking, you may use the hot water from the heaters.

Next, there are filters for water. These filters come in various models and deliver different effects. Most of them, when maintained and installed correctly, provide water cleansing at a high level.

Also, chemicals, like iodine can be used for water purification. Chlorine is also used quite often for these purposes.

Finally, one of the best microbe destruction methods are ultraviolet rays. All you need to do is to expose the water to these rays, which destroy the DNA of many microbes.

So, be careful, use some or all of these methods and make sure you drink water which is safe and clean.

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