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Hair Dryness and Protein Treatment

Dry hair isusually a bi product of a plethora of hair treatments such as coloring,perming, straightening and others. These drain the hair of its moisture andprotein content, and leave the hair fragile and victim to breakage and fall. Hairis not a living tissue, so it cannot be-revitalized, but the proteins can be re-introducedto the structure of the hair.

Proteintreatment deals with this damage by adding protein and moisture to the hair,reducing what was lost in those damaging treatments, leading to hair regainingits natural, silky look.

Protein Treatment for Hair

ProteinTreatment for Hair works by regenerating the keratin, a protein that hairconsists of, and is normally synthesized by the body from food consumed.Although the keratin can be lost due to various factors, a largely prevalentcause of this loss of protein is chemical treatments and other factors that reducethe amount of keratin. The first application of a chemical treatment can reducethe amount of keratin by 15 to 20 percent, with additional keratin lost insubsequent chemical treatments. It is this lost keratin that protein hairtreatments return, restoring it back to its original luster.

Thoughprotein treatments for hair are available commercially in protein treatmentproducts that contain protein rich nutrients, there are reasons to considerseeking professional help. For example, visiting a professional salon forprotein treatment is recommended for persons with more severely damaged hair.Products bought in the supermarket also carry the risk of not being suitable toeach specific hair type, so suggestions from a hair expert are advised beforepurchase.

The mosteffective protein treatment for hair is natural protein treatment, such as ahigh protein food diet and the utilization of natural protein conditioners. Includinghigh protein foods in the daily meal allotment, and using natural proteinconditioners such as eggs and coconut milk is therefore highly recommended.These can assist in retaining the protein in hair and in dryness prevention.

Disadvantages of Protein Treatment for Hair

Although itis generally considered that protein hair treatments are greatly beneficial inachieving beautiful and healthy hair, excessive use of protein hair treatmentscan lead to dryness and cause hair to become brittle, due to excess proteinleaving no room for moisture in hair. This process can cause hair to become dryand weak. It is therefore advised to utilize protein treatment for hair inmoderation. Consulting a hair expert, for both choosing which products to useand their effects is advisable.

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