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The following text will focus on a sport that has been around us for a very long time and that is weight lifting. This sport was even included in the first Olympic Games held in the 1896. Also, no other sport includes the use of heavy weights. Men like this sport more than women.


Lifting of the heavy weights in the activity performed during the weightlifting competition. Men and women practice this sport during which the weights of different heaviness and color are placed on the steel barbells. Weightlifting can be done in two ways, and clean and jerk is the first one and it is done by lifting the weight to the neck first and then over the head. The second way is called the snatch, and during this activity the barbell needs to be lifted over the head in just one single swing. The barbell needs to be held over the head for several seconds and the legs and arms need to be still, although this goes for both types of weightlifting. There are eight series and the weight of your body determines to which you belong. If the weightlifting is successful, three judges will present a white flag, but if it is not they will show the red light.

Fitness and Weightlifting

There are many benefits of the weightlifting on the human body and they will be produced instantly. If you work with weights in your fitness training, you will need to increase the weights one step at the time. All muscle groups can be targeted with the weight lifting since we have so many different parts of equipment. Also, aerobic exercises and their benefits can be improved with the use of adapted weightlifting exercises. Many sportsmen have included weightlifting in their exercise routine. Gradual overload is the basis of weightlifting used for the developing of muscles. So, if you work out in this way, you have to lift no less than the weight you are capable of lifting. As the muscles become stronger, you will have to increase the weight to get the best workout. But remember to consult the trainer if you are not sure how to do these exercises. Know that you have to stop lifting weight once you fail to do the lift because you do not have enough strength to do it. But this is a source of great debate and some do not agree with this claim. Weightlifting will stimulate fat loss and increase rate of the metabolism, thus helping both males and females to have more attractive bodies. Also, problems like depression can be eliminated because weightlifting increases the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

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