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Tofu – facts and background

Asa food source, tofu is known to proliferate in the proteins, as well as in numerousother nutrients, all of which are vital for the maintaining of best of health.As for the tofu itself, it has a similar outlook as that of cheese, with the onlydifference being that it is not made from cow’s but from the soy milk instead. Andit originates from China. Coming back to similarities with cheese, it is alsoof white color and is available in the form of rectangular and square shapedblocks. Among many products that come from soy, this one is considered asprobably the richest in body essential nutrients, more specifically the proteins. Giventhe fact that it abounds in the above mentioned substances, it can be deducedthat it has numerous health related benefits as well.

Calories and nutrients

Otherqualities that make it especially health advantageous are low calories count,as well as low fats and carbohydrates count. Another important fact that should not beoverlooked is that it has no cholesterol whatsoever, and besides being abundantin proteins, it also thrives in calcium. This is the reason why tofu is anessential part of almost every vegetarian’s diet. Aside from tofu, consideredto be extremely abundant source of proteins is milk made of soy.

Incontinuation is a list of nutrients and their total values in 4 oz/113.4 g ofregular tofu.

Protein – 9.16 gDietary Fiber – 0.34 gTotal Sugar – 0.45 gTotal Fat – 5.42 gCholesterol – 0 gVitamin A – 96.39 IUVitamin B1 (thiamin) – 0.09 mgVitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.06 mgVitamin B3 (niacin) – 0.22 mgVitamin C – 0.11 mgVitamin E – 0.01 mg

Nutrients count in tofu variants:

Frozen and dried (also known as koyadofu) – 1 piece = 17 g (80 calories)Frozen and dried, made with calcium sulfate – 1 piece = 17 g (82 calories)Firm and made with nigiri and calcium sulfate – 0.25 block = 81 g (62 calories)Fried – 1 piece = 13 g (35 calories)Okara – 1 cup = 122g (94 calories)Raw and firm, made with calcium sulfate – 0.25 block = 81 g (117 calories)

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