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Riceand nutritional facts

Whenit comes to the nutritional information regarding fried rice, many people arestill in the dark. In case you fall into this category but want to change this, keep on reading what is to follow. Estimates that are going to be stated hereare based on the following dosage, namely one cup of fried rice that consistsof long-grained rice (white), pork loin (whole), eggs, leek, chicken breast,soy sauce, frozen green peas, corn oil, spices and sprouted mung. Detailednutritional information goes as follows:

Fats. Given the fact that this is the primary concern of every person, it deservesto be stated first. One cup of regular fried rice contains 12.34 g of fats. Butbefore begining to panic, have in mind that just 2.25 g of this amount actuallyconsists of those saturated fats that are responsible for inducing weightgains. The remaining amount consists of 3.77 g of monosaturated fat and 5.34 gof polyunsaturated fat. Important thing regarding these types of fats is thatthey fall into the category of those good fats that are essential for the body, so it could enable a person in question to be hale and hearty for longerperiods of time.

Proteins. Just one cup of fried rice consists of 12.47 g of proteins, and it is widelyknown that this satisfies even those most essential and minute requirements ofthe body cells. This means that this cup of fried rice is the one to fulfill noless than 25% of a person’s daily value of proteins, which are responsible forrevitalizing our body after the damages it suffers at a particular time.

Carbohydrates. Their share in one cup of fried rice is no less than 41.7 g. And this can, toa certain extent, be a valid cause for concern, for only one small amount, i.e., 1.4 g actually consists of dietary fibers, while 1.5 g is sugar, which isresponsible for providing our body with additional energy. As for the remainder, it is comprised of nothing but starch, and it is that same starch that holds theresponsibility for facilitating the piling up of tiers in the belly area.Therefore, this aspect is the one that rightfully causes concern in thosepeople who already have unsolved weight related issues.

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