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A low-carbohydrate diet causes ketosis. Carbohydrate is the main food group. A high level of carbohydrates foods includes cereals, breads, beans, pastas, bran, potatoes, rice etc. The most usual source of energy are carbohydrates. Building components are fat and proteins that are good for cells and body tissue and are a decent source of energy.

But carbohydrates are not essential nutrients; the body may get all its energy from fats and protein. The brain and neurons can’t burn fat in order to get energy, but may use ketones or glucose. Ketosis causes loss of fat because there is not enough sugar to create fuel. And process of ketones creating in liver is ketosis.


A low-carb diet provoke ketosis and ketosis symptoms are headache, weakness of body, problems with sleep, dizziness, bad breath, cold feet and hands, metallic taste, thirst, fatigue, stomach ache or nausea. The symptoms last couple of days, because body needs to get used on burning fat, not glucose. Urine test may measure level of ketones and right level means balance in body that is not producing extra ketones. But low-carb diets do not have to get right level of ketosis.

There are lot of believes about ketosis, many dieters think that carbs are good for good body function and that ketosis is a bad signal for improper functioning and low-carbohydrate diets recommends ketosis. But too high level of ketones or acetone may be toxic for the body.

Any kind of ketosis condition, a ketoacidosis affects badly diabetics and may be life threatening. Diabetic lack with insulin and blood glucose is created in the body of diabetic, which creates dehydration, thirst, urination, and the burning of fat, decreases pH and that may be very dangerous for diabetic.

Ketosis Symptoms

A low-carb dieting is usual and creates ketosis. Ketosis symptoms are temporary and lasts only couple of weeks. A ketosis feeling might not be a pleasant one, and may be a sign of burning fat and effects on losing weight. Since ketosis may be uneasy for body, there is a way to reduce and ease ketosis symptoms: - A vitamins. Make sure to take a proper supplement of minerals and vitamins for good balance. - A little snack on regular basis. A snack with high protein, such as bit of the chicken can treat headache or other symptoms. - A protein shake. Protein shakes has amino acid and these supplements may help reducing symptoms of ketosis.

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