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This fruit is a very popular and it has many beneficial effects on the human body. It is one of the most popular tropic fruit and it is also very nutritious and healthy. It can be consumed ripe or raw. We will focus on the many factors that make this fruit excellent for the consumption.


We have mentioned that this fruit is very nutritious and this is due to the 20 different minerals and vitamins. In mango we can find several minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese and selenium. Mango also contains potassium, copper and iron in great amounts. Carbohydrates are also included in the ingredient list of mango. Mango has low amounts of vitamin K and E, but it is rich in Vitamin C and A. This very healthy fruit has several phytochemicals, such as cryptozanthin, anacardic acid, Gallic acid and lutein. The consumption of mango will be beneficial on the human body because it will regulate the bowel movement and it can aid the gain of weight. Mango can also help with a proper and healthy colon. In the following text, we will see how many calories there are in mango. We will give numbers of nutrients contained in 100g of mango. They are 17g of carbohydrates, 14.8g of dietary fibers, 0.27g of fat and 0.51 of protein. Also there is 0.16mg of pantothenic acid, 0.584mg of niacin, 0.057mg of riboflavin, 0.058mg of thiamine, 38mg of vitamin A, 445mg of beta carotene, 14mg of foliate, 27.7mg of vitamin C, 10mg of calcium, 0.13 of iron, 9mg of magnesium, 11mg of phosphorus, 156mg of potassium and 0.04mg of zinc.

Health Benefits

Next, we will focus on the diverse health benefits that this fruit brings. The use of mango can aid the growth of the bones, make our skin healthy and help with the vision problems. The sun emits the dangerous radiations, and the use of mango can give us protection from this radiation. Also, the damaged tissue can be repaired with the consumption of mango and due to the vitamin C, the immune function of the body will be enhanced. They have great beneficial effect on the lungs, so they can even protect from some cancer types and prevent diabetes complications. Also, the stress can be reduced due to the vitamin-B-complex that mango has. Problems like constipation, indigestion, menstrual disorders, acidity, asthma and anemia can be reduced if mango is consumed. The aging can be slowed down and the consummation of mango is advised for pregnant women.

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