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Mango is a fruit mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and is widely used in a variety of forms. It can be consumed raw or can be taken as juice. Its fragrance, flavor and color are simply irresistible. There are even cultures in which mango is exploited in different ceremonies such as weddings or religious rituals.

Being rich in numerous nutrients this fruit is also known as the king of fruit. It is highly abundant in vitamin C and E as well as in niacin (B3 vitamin). Apart from vitamins it is rich in amino acids, beta carotene, flavonoids. Minerals present in mango include iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Benefits of Mango

This fruit is amazingly good for gastrointestinal tract. The digestive enzymes present in mango are of extreme help in absorption of proteins. It may even boost absorption in those people who are suffering from indigestion. Hyperacidity is well taken care of if one eats mango on regular bases. Plenty of fiber is in charge with fight against constipation. In India for example this fruit is combined with honey and salt and used against diarrhea that occurs during summer months. It is also used in case of dysentery, piles and even morning sickness.

The fruit is highly efficient in maintaining the proper insulin levels. This is why mango can be beneficial remedy in case of diabetes.

Mango is rich in phenols. These components are good in adequate prevention of malignant tumors. The fibers present in mango are good for bowel movements and regular passage of stool. As fibers are great for prevention of colon cancer this means that mango is extremely convenient fruit to support prevention of bowel cancer.

Iron present in mango can be used by the body in synthesis of hemoglobin. Therefore this fruit may be helpful in pregnant women who require high intake of iron to prevent possible anemia.

Vitamin A is a guardian of vision. This fruit is rich in vitamin A so the regular consumption can prevent problems with eye sight.

Even the skin can benefit from this remarkable fruit. It is good for cleaning of skin pores. This makes it suitable for all those suffering from acne. If regularly consumed the skin stays soft and shiny.

Some people use mango to enhance libido. The explanation lies in plenty of vitamin E present in mango. Apart from that even the brain can be stimulated by this fruit. High concentration levels as well as memory preservation and enhancement are evident.

During hot summer days when heat stroke occurs it is good to steam this fruit and juice it together with jeera, rock salt and sugar. This powerful remedy is used for heat stroke.

And finally for all those who want to gain weight mango is excellent source of calories due to starch which is converted into sugar in the process of ripening. The excellent energetic and highly caloric combination is mango and milk.

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