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There aremany varieties of dried fruits, because almost any fruit can be dried ordehydrated, removing the water content. Usually, fruit contains some 80 to 90or even 95% of water, and when we dehydrate the fruit, it is often more easilystored and preserved from molds, yeast and bacteria than fresh fruits.

Removing thewater definitely shrinks the fruit, but also leaves all nutrients inside thefruit, more concentrated than before. Comparing dried and fresh fruits there ismuch more fibers, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates but also calories in dried fruits.There is also plenty of calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium,manganese and copper. This fruit is rich in natural sugars,vitamins A and B complex and packed with antioxidants. Although driedfruit does not contain vitamins C and D, there is something that can be done toimprove that. Dipping the fruit in lemon, pineapple, lime or orange juicebefore drying will prevent the change of color and add some important vitamin C aswell.

Traditional Dry Fruits

Dried apricots(100g) contain about 50 calories, 1g of proteins, 13g ofcarbohydrates, and plenty of calcium and phosphorus. Many other essentialminerals and vitamins A and C can also be found in this dried fruit. Driedapricots are very useful for prevention of skin problems and improvement of eyesight. They can also decrease heightened cholesterol in the blood and helpflushing out the gallstones.

Blueberriescan also be dried, and as such they are known to contain vitamins C, B12, K andE, as well as plenty of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron andmanganese. They are used for lowering high cholesterol, too, but also to relieve diarrhea or constipation, ensure healthy vision and cure urinary infections. Driedblueberries are also believed to minimize the chances for developing ovariancancer.

Dried dates containproteins, dietary fibers, sugar, but also iron, copper, selenium, magnesium andcalcium, as well as vitamins B6, B12 and E and pantothenic acid. They are veryeasily digested in human body, and many people use dried dates to treatconstipation or different intestinal problems. Also, dried dates are consideredto be beneficial for the health of the heart.

Raisins arevery common dry fruits, full of dietary fibers, proteins, carbohydrates andsugar. They also contain folate, zinc, sodium, calcium, thiamine and vitamin C.These fruits can be great source of energy for everyone, but they can also easeconstipation, improve density of the bones and prevent eye problems.

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