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There is a big argument on whether white rice is healthy or not and here, we will try to explain what the benefits of white rice are, and on the other hand, what its deficits are. White rice is nothing else than shelled brown rice, which is considered to be the very healthy because of its husk. Still, we can't neglect the benefits of white rice, and what’s more, we must admit that white rice is much tastier than the brown one.
Calories in white rice
If you take a cup of white rice, you will enter 242 calories in your body and it is easy to measure how much calories your portion has when you have this fact on your mind. However, you must know that this stands only for rice, without any other ingredients in it. When you want to calculate how much calories your portion of white rice has, you must count the calories of other food that you added to your meal. As you can see, white rice is high in calories, which means that if you want to lose weight, you should better try eating something else. White rice has its positive sides and we mustn't forget that. First of all, it contains small amounts of saturated fats, and in one cup of white rice we have 0.1g of this fat. Cooked white rice contains no cholesterol and sodium, which means that it can be considered healthy. We have to mention here that it provides good proteins for our body. White rice is very rich in carbohydrates, which are responsible for the amount of calories present in this type of rice. More precisely, one cup of white rice gives us 53.2g of carbohydrates. It also provides iron for our body and different sorts of rice contain different amounts of iron. It is true that white rice contains no vitamins and other minerals, and it is true that there are some countries where it is allowed for white rice to be enriched with other nutrients.
Comparison to brown rice
When compared to brown rice, which has vitamins B1, B3 and magnesium and which is much richer in fiber, white rice seems poor in nutrients. We can say that white rice has certain benefits due to the low amounts of sodium and cholesterol, but we must admit that the brown version is much healthier. As you could see, brown rice is significantly richer in nutrients and if you use rice, try to use the brown one.

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