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Information on Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide is a very powerful flocculant so it is animportant part of sewage and water treatment. It is efficient in removing alldifferent sorts of particles from the water. It is very efficient, it is nottoxic and it comes at a fairly low price. It also raises the pH of fresh waterin order to prevent the corrosion of the pipes, because it is one of the selfregulating substances. Calcium hydroxide is also an important component of theso called Kraft process which is used in the paper industry for the productionof another substance called sodium hydroxide.


Calcium hydroxide is cheap and it is produced on a largescale. It is often used in whitewash, mortar, plaster and in root canalprocedures as well. It reduces the CO2 in sea water, aids the production ofcertain metals, substitutes for lye in hair relaxers and hair removal creams,neutralizes the Bordeaux mixture, plays an important role in the production ofvarious petroleum based oils, calcium stearate, brake pads, pesticides, eboniteand various marks and compounds. Calcium hydroxide may also be used as a calciummagnesium supplement for the corals in aquacultures.

Calcium hydroxide is mild and has a very low toxicity so itis often used in the food industry. It is a vital part in the process ofseparation of sugar from the sugar cane. It is also used to process the waterin most soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. It can be used for thefortification of certain types of fruit drinks and mineral fortified babyformulas. The Chinese cuisine uses calcium hydroxide for the preparation ofcentury eggs, while the Norwegian cuisine uses it for the processing oflutefisk before it is baked or steamed and served with potatoes. Calciumhydroxide is also often used as a condiment in Bengali cuisine and as asubstitute for baking soda in South Indian cuisine. It is an integral part ofthe production of salt for food and it may also come in very handy when itcomes to preservation of homemade pickles. Calcium hydroxide is also usedextensively in the cooking traditions of the Native Americans. It is believedto aid the process of digestion and enhance the taste of certain dishes. Oneshould be careful though, because calcium hydroxide is a chemical and as suchit may be associated with certain health risks.

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