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Information on Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a chemical compound also known by itsformula CaCO3. It can be found in the rocks, and it is also an integral part ofthe eggshells as well as shells of certain marine organisms, pearls and snails.Calcium carbonate is commonly used for such a large amount of differentpurposes. It is actually the main cause of water hardness. It can be used inpure form or in the naturally occurring state.

Industrial Uses

Calcium carbonate can be used for the road-building in theform of limestone aggregate. It is efficient in collecting impurities fromsteel materials and in setting stained glass windows. It is burnt in a kilnbefore being used for the preparation of lime. It can also be used for thepurification of iron in blast furnaces. It is used for various purposesnormally associated with drilling fluids. Calcium carbonate is also commonlyused as filler material in the production of latex gloves, thermosetting resinsand various plastic products. It is also one of the essential components in theproduction of mortar as well. Calcium carbonate is also very efficient as apaint extender in various different types of emulsion paints. It is animportant ingredient in various different forms of scouring creams and powders,due to its extreme abrasive properties. Some may not know that calciumcarbonate is the main component of the blackboard chalk. It may also be usedfor the correction of pH in swimming pools. Calcium carbonate is also animportant ingredient in the production of different types of glossy paper,ceramics glazes, decorating fillers, sealants, adhesive and even diapers.

Health & Dietary Uses

Calcium carbonate can be used for the treatment ofhyperphosphatemia, osteoporosis, stomach acid problems and various othermedical conditions associated with calcium deficiency. Calcium carbonate is animportant ingredient in the production of toothpastes, dietary calcium supplementsand even certain soy milk products.Calcium carbonate is also commonly used as inertfiller for various different types of pharmaceuticals and is extensively usedin homeopathy. Calcium carbonate is also often featured in different sorts ofgrocery products which are used on a regular basis, such as wine, plastic,dough, dry-mix desserts and even baking powder.

Environmental Uses

Calcium carbonate is very efficient in neutralizing acidicconditions in water. It is also commonly used as agricultural lime, because itis one of the most important components of garden lime. It is also used for thetreatment of waste water.

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