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Information on Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important minerals and it isrequired by the human body for the normal formation, development and growth ofthe bones and the teeth. As the body gradually grows older, its ability toabsorb calcium also gets gradually decreased, which usually leads to certainmedical problems. Calcium is also very important for the overall health andfunctioning of the enzymes, nerves, muscles and other parts and organs.Different age groups have different daily requirements for calcium. A healthyadult person requires somewhere around 1000 milligrams of calcium per day,while lactating women and senior persons over 65 years of age usually requireas much as 1500 milligrams of calcium per day. It is unfortunately prettycommon for people from Western countries to not ingest as much calcium as theirbody needs, so they often rely on taking calcium in its supplemental form.Calcium supplements may be reliable in providing the additional amounts ofcalcium for those who do not ingest it sufficiently through the ordinary diet,but they still may be associated with certain side effects as well. The mostcommon side effect of all calcium supplements is constipation. When a persondoes not ingest sufficient amounts of calcium, he or she may end up sufferingfrom various different types of medical conditions. The medical condition mostcommonly associated with calcium deficiency is osteoporosis, characterized byweak, brittle bones. One may increase the amount of calcium ingested on aregular daily basis by incorporating dairy products and vegetables such aslegumes, Chinese cabbage and broccoli into the daily diet. One may also try outincorporating plenty of food items fortified with calcium into his or herordinary, everyday diet. Calcium in its supplemental form should always be thelast option when it comes to ingesting this essential mineral. Organic and inorganicsalts such as calcium gluconate, calcium lactate gluconate, calcium lactate,calcium citrate, calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate are commercially usedfor the production of food and dietary supplements.

Calcium Citrate

Calcium citrate or tricalcium citrate is one of the bestsources of calcium used for the fortification of various food items. This substancehas a very low pH, its taste and flavor are neutral, it is soluble rathereasily, it contains abundant amounts of calcium and it is available easily aswell. It usually comes in the form of powder but it can also be purchased inthe form of micronized granules. Its main feature is the fact that itsabsorption rate is much higher than that of other forms of calcium supplements.

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