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Calcium fructoborate is a certain form of the mineral called boron which is bound with fructose complex. It is known for being very helpful with hormone homeostasis, bone health and arthritis. It has a system which actually regulates its own internal environment so that it may retain it stable condition at all times.

Information on Calcium Fructoborate

It is sometimes sold under the brand name Fruitex-B and it is very efficient in providing boron. Boron is an important nutrient which is terribly lacking from the American soil and American food supplies. The chemical fertilizers are the main cause of such depletion of boron in the soil and they can also be held responsible for the ever increasing number of Americans who suffer from arthritis. Fortunately enough, boron supplements may be of great help when it comes to dealing with the aforementioned problems. Calcium fructoborate is very efficient in enhancing the status of vitamin D, hormones and calcium, improving the health of the joints and bones, reducing the inflammatory conditions in the joints and so on. It has sustained bioavailability and it is absorbed by the body very easily. Calcium fructoborate is a patented compound and a dietary supplement which is actually nothing else but calcium which is bound to boron derived from certain types of plants. Each boron molecule is linked to two molecules of fructose, which is derived from legumes, nuts and fruit. This is actually called a natural chelate, and the chelation itself is often used for the transportation of nutrients in order to enhance the functioning of the metabolism. Calcium fructoborate is very efficient in regulating the functioning of the parathyroid endocrine gland, support the healthier levels of testosterone, estrogen, vitamin D and calcium and controlling the amount of calcium in the blood and inside the bones.

Further Information

Remodeling and building of joints and bones is a rather complex process utilized by chondrocytes and osteoblasts. Osteoclasts are actually what could be referred to as the demolition crew, so they are harmful. The raw materials required for the building and remodeling of bones are hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, proteins and calcium. Calcium fructoborate is very efficient in preventing osteoporosis and several other medical conditions which are known for affecting the bones, teeth, joints and cartilage. For those who do not know, osteoporosis is a medical condition triggered by calcium deficiency and it is characterized by weak, brittle bones.

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