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Information on Caraway

Caraway is known for its carminative properties and itsseeds provide the human body with numerous different types of health benefits.Caraway seeds are also an integral part of various different types of medicinalremedies. Caraway is also known by the names of Persian cumin or Meridianfennel but its actual botanical name is carum carvi. It comes from the familyof apiaceae and it is a biennial plant. Caraway originates from NorthernAfrica, Europe and Western Asia but it is now cultivated virtually everywherein the world. Caraway plant resembles a carrot plant and its fruits are alwayscommonly mistaken for seeds.

The “seed” has a crescent shape and five ridgesand it can grow up to 2 millimeters in length. Caraway plant requires a welldrained soil and a warm and sunny climate in order to grow properly.

Caraway Seeds Uses

Caraway is an integral part of European cuisine but it canalso be found in certain types of Indian foods. The seeds are always used wholeand they contain limonene and carvone. These are essential oils and they providethe caraway seeds with the characteristic pungent aroma and flavor whichsometimes resembles anise.

Caraway seeds have a sharp taste and they also havea characteristic pleasant odor. Caraway seeds have been used for numerouspurposes ever since the times of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Caraway seedsare commonly used to spice up numerous different types of breads, cakes,curries, liquors and casseroles. Carawayseeds can also be used for the preparation of an herbal tea. The tea is veryefficient in the prevention and treatment of colic, intestinal worms, loss ofappetite and various different types of digestive problems.

Caraway seeds arealso common ingredients of numerous types of perfumes, lotions and soaps.Caraway seeds can come in very handy when it comes to prevention and treatmentof numerous medical conditions such as loss of appetite, nausea, bronchitis,different types of stomach disorders, common cold, flatulence, cough, alldifferent sorts of infections, fever, sore throat, gingivitis, gallbladderproblems, irritable bowel syndrome and liver problems. In order to make anherbal tea one should add 2 tablespoons of pressed seeds to 150 milliliters ofboiling water.

Caraway Seeds: Side Effects

Caraway seeds usually do not trigger any unwanted sideeffects but prolonged usage may sometimes be associated with liver damage andkidney damage. Since they are loaded with different nutrients, caraway seedsusually trigger no problems.

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