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Information on Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is a certain type of oil which gets obtained fromthe seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree. This type of tree grows in subtropicaland tropical areas of the world which are known for being semi-arid. Moringa oilis also sometimes referred to as Ben oil and is probably the most stable typeof oil known to man. The refined type of moringa oil does not have any odor orcolor and it is impossible for it to become rancid. Moringa oil is commonlyused for numerous different types of purposes in pharmaceutical industry andcosmetics. In some countries, moringa oil is also used for some types ofculinary purposes. Moringa seed oil is sometimes used for some traditionalmedicinal purposes, but some countries also utilized flowers, seeds, leaves,roots, sap and even the bark of the moringa tree for those same purposes.

Moringa Oil Extraction

The modern methods of extraction of the moringa oil usuallyutilize a screw press. Once the seeds get crushed, 10 percent of water pervolume also gets added. Once the extract gets mixed in with water, the mixtureneeds to be heated gently over low heat for no longer than 15 minutes. 11 kilogramsof moringa seed kernels may yield somewhere around 2.6 liters of oil. Thismeans that the process of extraction which utilizes a screw press has anefficiency of 65 percent. Traditional methods which were once used, were not soefficient as they involved pounding of the seed kernels and boiling them for acouple of minutes. After the boiling process, the liquid was usually strained througha clean cloth, and the oil gets separated from the water after a few hours.

Moringa Oil Benefits

First of all, it has to be mentioned that moringa oil hasvery potent antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, antihypertensive, diuretic,antispasmodic, anti ulcer, anti inflammatory, antiepileptic and antipyreticproperties, so it can come in very handy when it comes to the prevention andtreatment of numerous different types of medical conditions and ailments.Moringa oil is also an excellent source of vitamin A so it is very efficient inboosting and maintaining overall health of the skin. Moringa oil is also jampacked with vitamin C, so it can be of great help in fighting off the freeradicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage they cause inside thehuman body. Moringa oil is also a good source of calcium, iron and severalother important nutrients.

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