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Eggshells are known to be one of the best possible sources of calcium. The calcium present inside eggshells is in a perfect balance with minerals found in the same source. In fact, researches have shown the positive effect of eggshell calcium, together with vitamin D and magnesium. Namely, the research subjects were given these vitamins and minerals throughout the year, reporting a significant increase in their bone density.

The Power of Eggshell Calcium

Another study took place in Japan, where eggshell calcium together with vitamin D3 was given to animals suffering from osteoporosis. This combination decreased the symptoms of the disease, raised the blood calcium levels and improved the health condition of the test subjects significantly.

What is more, any possible kind of egg can be used, including chicken, goose and duck. Nevertheless, it is best to use free-range bird organic eggs since the very bird needs to get all the nutrients it needs in order to produce healthy eggs.

The Dosage

Since eggshells are made of similar materials as our teeth and bones are, once you make a powder out of them, it will contain up to 800mg of calcium, along with some other nutrients like magnesium, boron, copper, silicon, sulfur, zinc etc.

Basically, you need a steady supply of about 400mg of calcium daily. Taking into consideration that we also get calcium from dairy products and other sources, about half a teaspoon of eggshell powder a day will suffice. Make sure you take equal amounts of magnesium at the same time. Also, increase the dosage of magnesium if you happen to experience muscle cramps. Additional 150mg will be enough.

Making Your Own Eggshell Powder

Take the empty eggshells and wash them well, removing the remaining egg white from the inside. However, make sure you keep the membrane present since it contains numerous nutrients. Once you have done this, place the eggshells on a piece of paper towel and let them dry. When you see that the shells are completely dry, crush them into smallest pieces possible and use a grinder or a food processor to produce a fine powder out of them. If you happen to lack the necessary devices, place the eggshells in a plastic bag and process them with a rolling pin. Nevertheless, bear in mind that a coffee grinder is the best possible tool for this purpose. Place the product in a glass container and keep it in a clean and dry place.

Now, in order to isolate the calcium, you will need to place half a teaspoon of the powder into a small dish and add one half of a freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, mix it all up. The mixture will turn into bubbles and foam. Once you have completed this step, leave the mixture for about 6 hours, allowing it to rest. Then, take a spoonful of the mixture and drinking a glass of water afterwards.

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