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Calcium: Are you getting enough?

What is Known about Calcium?

Calcium is one of nutrients human organism needs every day. You need calcium for the building and maintaining of the bones, teeth and many other soft tissues. Also, different metabolic processes won’t be possible without calcium. Your body needs calcium to perform blood clotting, to regulate your heartbeat and transmit nerve impulses. Based in the mass of the body, calcium is fifth most common element, and because of that it is known to be very important for every healthy diet.

Getting enough calcium early in life is important for your bones, for this way they will become stronger for later stages of life. For maximum bones density and strength experts advise taking enough vitamin D and calcium, along the regular physical activity, such as walking, dancing, hiking, jogging or weight-lifting. Sports with racquets or climbing the stairs are also god for the bones.

Your body needs more calcium than usual if you are growing, making new bones or making milk. So, kids and pregnant women require more calcium than all other groups of people. Many teenagers, young or post-menopausal women as well as older persons often take much less calcium than they should be. Also, keep in mind that if you are on a high sodium diet, it may mean that your body loses more calcium through the urine than usual.

Calcium Sources

Dietary sources are the best known way to ensure you are taking enough calcium every day. Dairy products are best sources of calcium there are. You could use milk or any other dairy product and you won’t make a mistake. Drinking 3-1/3 cups of milk every day is what your body requires in terms of calcium intake, but you can take low fat of fat free yogurts or cheeses. Even buttermilk is very good source of calcium for you.

Dairy products are the biggest sources of calcium and this mineral is easily absorbed from these sources. However, there are also some other food, useful to provide smaller amounts but still plenty of calcium you need. These are green leafy vegetables, broccoli, nuts, beans and various seeds, as well as dried figs. When the sardines are canned with their soft bones you can used these as valuable source of calcium. Also, you can choose salmon, rich in this mineral as well.

Plenty of food and drinks, fortified with calcium can be found in the supermarkets these days. Find your choice among juices, bottled water, breads, cereals or even calcium fortified snacks and use them.

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