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Information on Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important minerals and it is thevital part of the bone health. It is efficient in boosting the strength of theones, conducting nerve impulses, stimulating the secretion of numerousdifferent types of hormones and regulating the heartbeat.

Calcium deficiency isa medical condition which can be associated with numerous different types ofhealth oriented problems such as poor blood clotting, bone density issues,rickets and osteoporosis. When the levels of calcium in the human body getdecreased, the body starts taking calcium from the bones which results inweakening of the bones. It is of utmost importance to maintain proper amountsof calcium in one’s body.

Chewable Calcium Supplements

There are numerous different types of calcium supplementsavailable on the market and they can be purchased in various forms such aspills, suspension, liquid-filled capsules and wafers. There are also chewablecalcium supplements available on the market. The effectiveness of a supplementdepends on the body’s response to the ingredients contained in a supplement. Thechewable calcium supplement is suited for persons of all ages, especiallyinfants under 10 years old.

These supplements may be purchased in numerousdifferent sizes, shapes and artificial flavors. Flavors make them easier tochew and swallow. They are supposed to be a sweet treat, usually consumed aftera meal. The main ingredients of chewable calcium supplements are calcium citrateand calcium carbonate. The supplements also contain several different types ofminerals and vitamins which are efficient in helping the human body absorb thecalcium in a proper manner.

Liquid supplements are usually used by elderlypeople. Chewable calcium supplements also contain magnesium, vitamin K2,phosphorus and vitamin D and they are very important nutrients which can becharacterized by numerous health benefits.

The human body needs them so that itcan perform numerous different types of activities and functions such asdigestion, blood circulation and absorption of several other types ofnutrients. Chewable calcium supplements are usually accompanied bymulti-vitamin supplements and they are all commonly consumed on a regular,daily basis. Most people are actually nutrient deficient without even knowingit, because they eat diets which are not balanced.

Magnesium and calciumdeficiency can get quite dangerous in some cases. Calcium deficiency may beassociated with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer.Chewable calcium supplements come in numerous different flavors and thoseinclude chocolate, mixed fruit, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and cocoa.

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