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Calcium and calcium deficiency

Calcium is among the most essentialminerals in our body since the healthy growth and preservation of bones and teethdepends on the proper amounts of it. Furthermore, calcium also assists in the contractionand expansion of the blood channels, as well as the muscles in the body. Thismineral has a role to help in secretion of certain minerals and enzymesand it also helps in the impulse transmission through the nerves. It is estimatedthat even 99% of this mineral is stored in the teeth and bones, while the restis used the mentioned functions.

A proper amount of calcium shouldbe maintained always because otherwise, osteoporosis and rickets, as well assome other complications, might occur. Although the required amount of calciumdepends on age, sex and health condition of an individual, it isconsidered that a healthy person should have from 1000 to 1500 milligrams ofcalcium a day.

The people with insufficient amountsof this mineral should consume foods rich in calcium, or use some calciumsupplements. Although there are various calcium supplements, many peopleusually use either calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. However, it is veryimportant to consult the doctor about the dosage of these supplements beforeusing them.

Calcium carbonate vs. calcium citrate

This mineral is absorbed in the smallintestine, but the absorption of calcium depends on many factors, among which are thetype of calcium supplement, the levels of the hormone estrogen and the vitaminD. Furthermore, acidic condition of the small intestine also influences the absorptionof calcium.

It is observed that people can find calcium carbonate easier than calcium citrate and that calcium carbonateis less expensive. Furthermore, calcium carbonate hashigher percentage of calcium in itself that calcium citrate, which means that one has toconsume fewer pills. On the other side, if one wants to satisfy thebody’s daily requirement for calcium, he/she should take more pills of calciumcitrate during a day.

Since calcium carbonate is proved tobe alkaline based, it requires more stomach acid in order to be absorbed well. Therefore,it is recommended to take it after the meals, or with some acidic juice. On theother hand, calcium citrate is easily absorbed.

Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate have different adverse effects, and whilecalcium carbonate usually causes indigestion and gas, calcium citrate causesheadaches and constipation. However, the people who suffer from allergies maybecome allergic to both of these calcium supplements.

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