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Prostate is a male gland and it is a very important part ofthe reproductive system. It Is sized and shaped almost exactly like a walnutand it is wrapped around another important organ called the urethra. There area large number of men who experience certain urinary problems once they reachtheir middle age, mainly due to an enlarged prostate. The prostate ischaracterized by a normal growth rate throughout a man’s lifetime, but once aman reaches 50 or so years, the prostate starts growing much faster. The mainproblem with prostate enlargement is that it puts additional pressure on theurethra which significantly impedes urination. This type of condition cannot becured, but there are various ways of reducing the severity of symptoms.Contrary to the popular belief, prostate enlargement is in no way associatedwith prostate cancer nor can it increase the risk of prostate cancerdevelopment.

Dietary Supplements for Prostate Health

According to numerous scientific studies and researches, therisk of various prostate related medical problems is much higher in men whoconsume a lot of calories. The same can be said for all those who tend toconsume significant amounts of proteins. Prostate problems may be alleviatedand prevented by consuming plenty of onions, apples, tea, legumes, soy andother sources of plant based estrogens. Excessive growth of prostate can beprevented by consuming very little fat, no caffeine and plenty of saw palmetto.Those who already suffer from certain prostate related medical problems maymake certain adjustments to their daily diets in order to reduce the dreadfulsymptoms. As is already mentioned, it is highly recommended to take saw palmettoin its supplemental form. For those who do not know, saw palmetto is a certaintype of palm tree known for its beneficial berries which are highly effectivein inhibiting the actions of testosterone. Saw palmetto is also botanicallyreferred to as serona repens. One needs to avoid the consumption of beer,coffee, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as much as possible,especially in the evening. The same can be said for all different types ofrefined carbohydrates such as white flour pasta and white bread, sweet foodsand foods which are high in cholesterol and fat such as whole milk, beef,margarine and butter. The diet needs tocontain much more zinc (which can be found in raw pumpkin seeds), omega 3 oils(which can be found in mackerel, sardines and salmon), green tea, soy, wholegrains, vegetables and fruits.

Supplements for Enlarged Prostate

There are certain supplements which may be of great help toall those who suffer from an enlarged prostate. One of the most important amongthem all is vitamin E. A person should take no more than 400 milligrams of anatural mix of tocopherols on a regular daily basis. Another critical vitaminis vitamin D which can easily be obtained by spending a lot of time out in thesun. For those who are not able to afford such exposure, they need to ingest 800International Units of vitamin D each day. In order to function properly, theprostate requires plenty of minerals. Ionic minerals which come in the form ofliquids are very beneficial for the overall health of the prostate and they arethe ones which are absorbed into the blood very easily. These minerals shouldalways be accompanied by 20 to 40 milligrams of selenium and zinc on a regulardaily basis. Soy isoflavones are also excellent for maintenance of goodprostate health as they contain significant amounts of daidzein and genestein.The daily dose of soy isoflavones should not exceed 40 milligrams. Fish oil andflaxseed oil are very good for the prostate because they are excellent sourcesof omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil may be considered as a better choice thanflaxseed oil since it is much easier to digest. One should not take more than 2grams of fish oil per day. It is highly advised to include 300 to 600milligrams of beta-sitosterol in the daily diet as well.

Prostate Cancer Diet

People who suffer from prostate cancer need to pay extraattention to the choices they make and the food items they consume on a regulardaily basis. One needs to ingest plenty of selenium. Vitamin E also needs to betaken it significant amounts. Regular oil needs to be replaced by olive oil oreven avocado oil because they are much healthier. Flaxseed oil needs to beavoided as much as possible. It is highly recommended to consume plenty ofketchup, tomato paste, pizza sauce, fresh tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage,leafy green vegetables, red grapes, green tea, mango, sweet peppers,cantaloupe, spinach, berries, citrus fruits, multivitamin supplements, folic acid,seeds, nuts, fresh herbs, colorful vegetables and fruits, fresh fish and so on.Salted foods, pickled foods, preserved foods, trans fatty acids, animal fat andhigh doses of zinc or calcium need to be avoided as much as possible.

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