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It is a well known fact that calcium supplements are often associated with the occurrence of constipation. There are a large number of persons who use calcium supplements and they commonly report experiencing constipation as one of the side effects.

Harmful Effects caused by lack of Calcium

Calcium is considered as one of the most important building blocks of the human body. It is a very important nutrient which is of vital importance when it comes to proper strength and development of the bones. With the process of aging, the amount of calcium in the bones gradually gets decreased. When a person suffers from calcium deficiency, sooner or later he or she ends up suffering from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a medical condition characterized by weak and fragile bones. Osteoporosis mostly affects post menopausal women, so that is why they often use calcium supplements in order to compensate for calcium lost from the tissues. Calcium supplements can also be harmful on the other hand, because they tend to have a negative effect on the excretory system of the human body and they often trigger constipation.

Role of Calcium in Body

Calcium is the most important component when it comes to proper formation, development and strength of the bones and teeth. Together with phosphate it forms hydroxyapatite which is actually the compound the teeth and bones are made of. Since the bones are constantly reforming, they always need more and more calcium.

Calcium Supplements and Constipation

A healthy adult person requires somewhere between 1200 and 1300 milligrams of calcium per day. The requirements may vary depending on the built of the individual and other significant factors such as gender and age. Post menopausal and pregnant women also require much more calcium than usual. Since it cannot be obtained that easily from the ordinary diet, these persons are advised to take calcium supplements. If one needs to take calcium supplements, it is a very good idea to choose products which are known for the best purity, tolerance, absorbability and zero interactions with different body functions. There are three different types of calcium supplements and those include calcium citrate, calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is known for being very efficient in reducing the frequency of bowel movements which may eventually lead to development of constipation. This type of calcium supplements may also be held responsible for abdominal bloating and formation of gas. One should space out the dosages of the supplements throughout the day.

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