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There are many reasons why you are suffering from a burning sensation in the breasts. For women, there are certain periods in their lives when a burning feeling might be completely natural and normal. Every woman can experience such a feeling before their menstruation or during the pregnancy. These symptoms are transient and don’t last for more than a few days, or until you deliver the baby.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a series of different physical and mental problems associated with menstruation. Right before the monthly bleeding, women may expect some headaches, dizziness, constipation and hot flushes. In many women, breasts become tender, swollen and they experience burning in the breast.


Changes of the breast during the pregnancy happen mainly because of the expecting nursing of the newborn child. Breasts usually significantly increase in size, because of the hormonal changes. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone (and other) are responsible for the formation of milk cells and ducts, and also for the creation of fat layer in the breasts. Many women physically feel these changes, as the tenderness, soreness and burning. Beside the normal changes in the body, burning sensation in the chest might be caused by some pathological process or condition in the body. Diabetes, paresthesias, Paget’s disease, cerebrovascular problems, sun and chemical burns may all lead to this sensation. Rupture of the silicone implants in the breasts also cause similar symptoms.

Diabetes Mellitus

When you suffer from heightened blood sugar, your body might be damaging the nerves, causing nerve entrapment. This condition is often described by tingling, pain or burning in the breasts (or some other part of the body affected by the disease).

Paget’s Disease

This is a chronic disease of the bones, caused by excessive formation of the bone tissue and resulting in enlarged, deformed bones. It can also affect the breast nipples, when it is said to provoke burning sensation in the breasts. This disease is often linked to breast cancer in women.

Cerebrovascular Problems

Breast cells affected by some cerebrovascular accident may cause serious burning in the chest. If you ever experience something like this, you should immediately call for medical assistance.


Certain medical conditions are known to cause abnormal sensations on the skin (paresthesias). Toxic metals poisoning, Lyme disease, connective tissue problems, nutritional disorders, physical trauma, porphyria and some cancers are all associated with paresthesias. These patients commonly describe abnormal sensations on the skin as numbness, tingling and burning of the skin.

Sunburn and Chemical Burns

Exposure to the sun or some chemicals (ingested or inhaled) may cause irritation and burns on the skin. Even with the sunburn, the damage to your skin is serious and should be properly treated. When it comes to chemical burns, be aware that symptoms may even get worse after some time.

Implant Rupture

When a silicone breast implant bursts, it could cause severe pain, numbness and burning. The breast may decrease in size, change the texture and also cause a lump somewhere in the area.

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