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There are several causes of this problem, which is usually felt during the night or even during the day. The pain felt in the leg can be caused by the long period of work. This is very common problem and it is eliminated with a sleep, which means that it is nothing that should be worrying since it goes away very quickly. But, never disregard the pain experienced during the day, especially if it comes in episodes. The pain we are talking about is usually described as burning or with the use of a phrase "pins and needles" sensation.


The problem may even make the mobility of leg reduced, which happens since the pain causes the numbness and weakness and in this way, it can affect the mobility. There are several possible causes for the burning leg pain, and one of them is the injury of the nerve. Diabetes is a condition that is very frequently characterized by this problem. There are many nerves located in the leg, and the pain can be a result of the damage that one of them has sustained. Peripheral neuropathy is the name used for this problem. The most common cause of this problem is the presence of high blood sugar level in the bloodstream. The trauma, autoimmune disease and toxins can also cause the peripheral neuropathy and lead to the burning leg pain.

The most common cause of the problem the text focuses on is diabetes, which is due to the great number of people suffering from this disease. Next possible cause is the deep venous thrombosis, which is associated with the creation of a blood clot deep in the vein, which leads to the impaired blood flow. Sciatica can also cause the burning leg pain. This nerve goes from under the calves and thighs to the lower back, and it is one of the biggest nerves in the human body. This nerve is very important since it causes the sensations to be felt in the leg, such as cold. It is also responsible for the movement of mucus in the legs. Leg pain, caused by this problem, can occur once the radical nerve becomes pressured by the herniated disk. The tissue between the bones of which the spine consist of, called vertebras, alters over time, becomes brittle and changes location. This change results in the compression placed on the sciatic nerve. This problem is common among those over 50 years of age and it is a very serious problem that demands immediate reaction. Muscle relaxants are given for the sciatica, but stretching exercises and physical therapy are also advised. If the problem is caused by the blood clot, anticoagulants are prescribed.

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