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A burning feeling in the left breast is a fairly frequent condition that happens to women at some point in their lives. This can be serious or not, depending on the cause which provoked it. Sometimes it is a part of a natural process in the body of a woman, and sometimes it is caused by some conditions or illnesses.

Is Burning in Breast a Normal Thing?

There are many possible reasons as to what could cause this burning. As it was mentioned above, some of the reasons behind burning in breast are normal, while others are related to more serious health problem.

Paresthesia is a condition which can possibly trigger burning in breasts. Paresthesia causes tickling and itchy sensation on the skin, as well as numbness.

The definite underlying cause for paresthesia has not been identified yet. However, there seems to be a connection between paresthesia and unbalanced nutrition, physical trauma, intoxication by heavy metals and infectious and genetic diseases.

Diabetes can also cause left-breast burning, as well as the underarm. Diabetes is a disease which causes high blood pressure and the level of glucose in the blood above normal. It frequently affects nerves, and it can quite possibly get in touch with the nerve connected to the left breast, producing pain and burning.

Another reason to provoke the burning is sunburn. The simple reason is because too much exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays is much more damaging to the skin than it appears to be.

Burning in the left breast is also one of the consequences of a ruptured implant. This also involves pain, numbness and itching. Silicone implants are known to burst sometimes and the way to recognize that this has happened is by noticing the difference in the size and shape of a breast followed by its softening or hardening. When the skin gets in touch with some sort of a dangerous chemical, the affected part emits burning sensations and pain, and as the time goes by, swelling and accompanied health issues intensify. Should this kind of a burn happen on the skin of the breasts, it will cause the already mentioned burning.

Apart from the harmful conditions, pregnancy can also be the cause of burning in the left breast. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes, and levels of hormones vary while the body is producing milk for future breastfeeding. Breasts become sensitive, sore and burning.

These are just some of the possible causes of burning in the breast. Even though the reasons could be quite harmless and simply pass on their own, one should never ignore these symptoms, since that might not be the case after all. The best thing to do is get checked out.

Does Breastfeeding Influence Burning Feeling in Breast?

Becoming a mom is usually a situation which requires serious thinking through. Once this is settled and you do give a birth to a baby, this is not the end regarding the activities and precautionary measures you need to take to ensure your baby a healthy post natal period and ultimately a healthy life.

Namely, after having “raised” your baby in a “in vitro” environment, the next big decision is whether you should decide upon breastfeeding your baby or for some other feeding method.

The fact that for those moms who have given their first child birth, the following couple of weeks spent breastfeeding can prove to be a bit more complicated than the same period is for those moms who have already had experience with this.

Some of the occurring side effects may make a mom change her mind and opt for another method (e.g. formula). But this should be mom’s very last resort. Certain number of moms may even complain about the state of their nipples due to opting for breastfeeding – dryness and soreness. But these can be fairly easily healed (use of Vaseline for example) and that is the most important thing.

All in all, breastfeeding may lead to burning sensation in breasts. Yet, this can easily be dealt with and is usually not a sign of some kind of a serious health issue. Regardless, if you experience burning sensation in one breast and both for a long period of time, it is best to seek medical assistance timely.

Since this burning may stem from certain substances which get in contact with your nipples during breastfeeding, make sure you boil all items which get in contact with the baby's mouth. Boil these for about 20 minutes every day. Make sure your breasts are exposed to air and dry conditions for as long as possible. Alternatively, you can use disposable bra pads until the burning sensation subsides.

Finally, burning in the breast can stem from many different conditions and can take place frequently in lives of women.

Regardless, it is best not to ignore this problem, especially when it remains prevalent. Thus, react on time and contact your doctor.

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