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Tingling in Your Fingers

There are a lot of symptoms that can be seen as indicatorsof various problems and serious conditions. The problem of tingling fingers is said to be asymptom of medical conditions that include multiple sclerosis, paresthesia,diabetes, and nerve injury etc, which is why paying attention to the indicators is very important. Tingling fingers can be caused by many different reasons, but onceyou set a diagnosis, you will be able to treat the condition properly.


There is an explainable reason for almost all medicalconditions and knowing the cause of the problem is very important. Here are someof the causes of tingling fingers. Diabetes can be one of them, because usuallythe lack of hormone insulin in the body causes the exceeded amounts of glucosein a person`s body. Such occurrence can lead to various damages done to thebody like neuropathy or nerve damage. It further leads to tingling fingers andif experiencing such a thing, one should immediately consult a doctor about it. Onemore cause of tingling fingers and toes is an overdose by vitamin B6, which is almost always consisted in health and bodybuilding supplements that can alsolead to nerve damage. You should check the label and see if the productcontains this vitamin or not. Another cause for tingling fingers can be a localtrauma that includes broken wrist, injuring the fingers, hard blow on the wristand sometimes damaging the spine. Nerve damage could also occur due to thetrapped, damaged or twisted nerves by the bone. It is very important that yourblood circulation is good. Moreover, if theblood going through your fingers is blocked due to some pressure on the hand, thecirculation will be very low and this symptom is called a ‘dead arm’. This canoften happen in the sleep when you unknowingly compress one of your arms. It isusually harmless and it goes away quickly.

Multiple sclerosis isone more cause of tingling fingers. It damages the nerves and attacks the centralnervous system. Muscle weakness, losing the balance and dizziness can beconnected to multiple sclerosis. Parasthesia is a condition caused by somedisease, infection or trauma. It is very important to distinguish which fingeris tingling because that will help you to set a proper diagnose for thisproblem. Tingling sensation in you fourth or fifth finger usually means thatyour ulnar nerve is damaged, while having the main fingers tingling signifiesthe condition like carpal tunnel syndrome. Sudden fear, shock or panic attack can cause yourcirculatory system to focus on delivering the blood to the vital organs likeheart or lungs, taking the blood from arms and legs, and thus resulting in tinglingfingers and toes. A leprosy, which is caused by mycobacterium leprae, is adisease with symptoms like tingling fingers, vision problems or skin sores. Beingtoo long in a very low temperatures can cause your nerves to become damaged. This causeis called frostbite and it usually leads to the tingling sensation and to theblackening of the skin.

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