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Should I Be Worried?

If you see bubbles in your urine whileurinating, this might or might not be a reason to panic. Even thoughmost people get surprised and worried, to say the least, uponnoticing this phenomenon, most of the times it is caused by a simpleoveruse or force during the urination process. Namely, while you“push” your urinating process in order to get done with itsooner, you cause air to get inside the liquid, causing bubbles toappear once it reaches the toilet. This is normal and presents noworries at all.

Nevertheless, this is not always thecase. Our urine comes from kidneys and it contains all the thingsour organism does not need since it considers these substances waste.Sometimes, the unwanted substances may be some unusual, possiblydangerous ones, causing the formation of bubbles in the kidneysthemselves. Then, the same bubbles would appear upon expelling urinefrom our kidneys.

Reasons Behind Bubbles in Urine

First of all, when we are healthy, weexpel very small amounts of proteins in our urine. There are certainparts of our organisms regulating these processes. However, if theseget inflamed, we would have excessive amounts of proteins in oururine. Taking into consideration the fact that proteins, once incontact with air, create bubbles, it is not hard to deduce how thesebubbles appear in your toilet bowl after you pee. This condition iscalled proteinuria and it is manifested through an abnormally largeamount of bubbles appearing upon urinating.

Secondly, sometimes, an abnormalconnection may be created between our intestinal and our bladdersystems. This may cause anomalies to appear on the outer layers ofour bladder, interfering with the urinating process, triggering theappearance of bubbles. Even though this condition may be a sign of atumor, it may also subside without any treatment or help.Nevertheless, you should pay your doctor a visit if you ever get toexperience persistent appearance of bubbles in your urine.

Alternatively, different bacteria orother microorganisms may inhabit our urinary tract, causinginfections. If among these microorganisms, there are some which arecapable of producing gases, there is a high likelihood that you willhave bubbles in your urine.

Finally, instead of being full withbubbles, your urine may look like foam. This too is often connectedto aggressive urination and poses no serious threats to your health.However, it this condition prevails for a longer period of time, makesure you seek medical advice.

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