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Bizarre, but Effective

If a person came to us claiming that we could use more weight that we could ever imagine, only by consuming our urine, we would probably either start laughing, not believing a word this person says, or get disgusted by the very thought of the process. However, there is a lot of truth behind this strange and gross theory. Namely, our urine, contrary to our common beliefs, is not all made of toxic matter. Rather, it consists of all the nutrients our organism rejected at the time since its supplies were full, more than 90% of water and about 2% of the actual toxins. Therefore, we are free to drink it again, since it will not go to our blood. In fact, the “recycled” urine will find its place in our intestines, stimulating our intestinal system to work better, dissolving more nutrients, leading to less accumulation of fat. All in all, drinking your own urine can be helpful and may lead you to a great body figure. It is a sacrifice. Still, it may be a sacrifice worth to be made.

The Urine Therapy

It is important to collect the good urine, highly usable for your purposes. This urine is the first one in the morning. Be careful, since you do not need to take the samples of the initial stream of urine. Upon starting to urinate, wait for several seconds for the unusable substances to get expelled. Then, stop the process for a second, grab a cup and pour the urine inside until you notice that your urination sequence is going to end. The end is not useful so skip pouring that in the cup as well.

Once you collect this healthy urine, best for your purposes, do not wait for more than 15 minutes before drinking it. Make sure you sip it like it is tea, taking small portions of urine frequently. If you are still disgusted, bear in mind that your nutrition dictates the quality of your urine. Therefore, if you are having a diet based upon fruit and vegetables, your urine will taste more like water while, if you eat greasy and processed food, it will be smelly and denser.

This is the drill for a successful weight loss, purification of the blood and restoration of hormonal balance. You might use urine both internally and externally. Either way, it will boost your immune system, cure jaundice, polio, diabetes, asthma and many other diseases. Finally, it is a good skin moisturizer, a natural diuretic, which kills bacteria, makes a man more potent and prevents cancer, eczema, heart attacks and many other health problems.

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