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Once a female notices smelly urine, this can be a sign of several conditions or states of affairs. Basically, smelly urine in females can be caused by lack of fluid intake, malnutrition or a urinary tract infection. Healthy urine is straw-yellow, clear and contains a smell which can be easily ignored or tolerated. However, all qualities of our urine come from the substances which it consists of, the chemicals expelled from our kidneys. So, by analyzing the urine, one may find out exactly what leads to the specific, abnormal characteristics of it, manifesting through unpleasant smell.

Reasons behind Smelly Urine in Females

As it was mentioned above, a urinary tract infection, also commonly known as cystitis is one of the main reasons behind the smelly urine in females. This condition is, basically, an inflammation of the urinary bladder and ureter, caused by bacteria. Thus, this health problem, when left untreated, can remain persistent for a long time, being painful and annoying, potentially spreading onto the kidneys too. Urinary tract infection may take place due to your body's exposure to certain chemicals, drugs or radiation. Also, using a catheter, in the long run, may lead to this health issue.

Dehydration and Liver Failure

Dehydration is the second most common reason behind smelly urine in females. Namely, during the summer or during our exercises, we tend to forget how water is important to us, losing more of it than we make up for through consumption. Diabetes may lead to smelly urine too, due to too little insulin in the body, causing diabetic ketoacidosis.

Eating asparagus can trigger foul smell of your urine, resembling ammonia or rotten eggs. Liver failure is yet another alternative when it comes to smelly urine since the medications you are taking for treating this problem, viral hepatitis and several other causes may lead to smelly urine in females.

Other Causes of Smelly Urine in Females and Treatment for this Problem

Smelly urine in females may be explainable if it takes place during pregnancy. Then, the female body undergoes numerous changes and some of the results of this imbalance may be this condition. Nevertheless, if the urine appears dark or cloudy and the smell very strong, you are advised to seek medical attention.

Finally, taking vitamin B6 supplements, suffering from maple sugar urine disease, kidney infection or type 2 diabetes are also potential causes behind smelly urine in females. So, you are advised to rule these by drinking plenty of water, paying attention to what you eat and treating any illnesses you suffer from properly.

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