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The blood vessels, which are a part of the cardiovascular or circulatory system, make an immense network throughout the human body. The blood channels may be divided into the, arteries, arterioles, veins and capillaries.

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels, and when they are located just below the epidermis, they are prone to many injuries. When the capillaries break, we can notice zig zag red lines. It is quite normal to see broken capillaries on face, especially on the nose, since the capillaries in this area can be easily broken due to several reasons.

Causes of broken capillaries on nose

One of the reasons responsible for the occurrence of broken capillaries on the nose is excessive consummation of alcohol, which is why this condition is usually seen in alcoholics. When one drinks alcohol, it is rapidly absorbed and then it travels through the veins and capillaries. The capillaries tend to widen and break when this dilation is extreme.

Another cause for the incidence of broke capillaries on nose is excessive consummation of cigarettes. Vitamin C maintains the capillaries in good condition, and when one smokes, the skin does not receive enough amounts of this vitamin, which is why the capillaries tend to become weaker and prone to the breakage.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays is also one of the reasons for the appearance of broken capillaries on the nose. The capillaries dilate in high temperatures and constrict in cold temporaries, and when these expansions and contractions are frequent, it causes the damage to the capillaries.

Broken capillaries may also be caused by the skin condition called rosacea. The main symptoms of this skin condition are reddish skin, outbreak of papules and pustules and visible capillaries on nose. When telangiectasia rosacea occurs, broken capillaries on nose are a sure sign of this skin ailment.

Treatment of broken capillaries on nose

Even though this skin disorder is not serious, it requires treatment in order to eliminate the red lines, which are visible on the nose skin. Of medications, the most beneficial medicine is considered to be clonidine. The best way to get rid of the red lines of the broken capillaries on the nose is laser treatment and in this procedure, the broken capillaries are destroyed by the heat from the laser. Several session of laser treatment will be necessary in order to completely eliminate the visible broken capillaries on nose.

Since this condition is not so easy to cure, it is recommended to prevent the occurrence of broken capillaries on nose by avoiding consummation of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as by protecting the skin from the sun when going out.

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