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Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the body. They are only one cell thick and in charge with microcirculation. Capillaries connect arterioles and venules and they provide with proper supply of cells with all the necessary nutrients including water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. They also remove the waste products from the cells.

Being so tiny skin capillaries cannot be seen by naked eye. However, if they rupture and the blood leaks into the surrounding tissue this bleeding can be easily noticed. There is a variety of causes which lead to damage and rupture of the skin capillaries. Internal and external pressure are actually the most responsible for damage of the capillaries. People may have problems with broken capillaries because they suffer from certain illnesses or they are simply prone to rupture of the capillaries if they are exposed to certain environmental factors. Broken capillaries are usually found on the face and legs.

Causes of Broken Capillaries

Everybody should know that broken skin capillaries are not so serious medical condition. On contrary, they are more of an aesthetic problem. There is a variety of factors and illnesses which contribute to rupture of skin capillaries.

In many people broken capillaries occur due to genetic predisposition. In this case the symptoms usually occur when the person gets older. Obesity is another cause of broken capillaries. Namely, overweight people tend to suffer from improper circulation in veins. The pressure from the veins transfers onto the capillaries and they burst. Pregnant women are also susceptible to rupture of capillaries. Hormonal changes usually affect women in puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Imbalance of hormones may be another cause of broken capillaries and affect women in these periods of their lives. And finally, damage of the skin can be a cause of broken capillaries. The facial skin is rather sensitive and susceptible to weather changes. Hot and cold winds, changes in temperature and exposure to sun may, in predisposed people, result in damage to the capillaries.

Treatment for Broken Capillaries

Many people are eager to get rid of broken capillaries because they are unsightly. Still, this condition is not easily treated.

The most common treatment modality for broken capillaries is laser therapy. Laser is the most effective and it may stop leaking of the blood from the capillaries. Laser therapy can prevent further rupture of the capillaries as well. Depending on the severity of the condition patients may require one or several laser sessions.

Patients can also benefit from certain medications. Broken capillaries are treated with oral medications and topical creams. The goal of medicamentous therapy is to shrink the broken capillaries.

And finally, consumption of foods rich in vitamin C and K is of great assistance during treatment. Preventive measures include maintaining the health and proper hydration of the skin and suitable protection from sun, extreme hot and cold weather, and winds.

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