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About rosacea

Rosacea is the facial skin disorder that affects adults. The mostcommon symptom is the skin redness, usually located on the forehead, cheeks, nose or chin. These patientsexperience acne and visible capillaries on the face, and some of the patients haveproblems with the eyes, usually irritation or watery eyes.

The exact causes of this skin redness are still unknown, and thecondition can’t be cured but can be successively controlled.

There are more than45 million people in the world suffering from this condition. The most affectedare women (3 times more than men) and people of Scandinavian and Celticorigin. Rosacea is usually diagnosed in people between 30 and 60 years of age.

It is known thatcold weather, stress and hot drinks make rosacea even worse.

This condition may cause serious problems in affected people, both psychologicaland social, if left untreated. It can affect person’s self-esteemand sometimes even cause professional issues, because patients usually skipwork because of this skin condition.

Natural Supplements for Rosacea

Herbal preparations are known to be helpful when dealingwith rosacea.

Green tea extract can decrease the severity ofrosacea symptoms. The cream made out of this tea is proven scientificallyhelpful in 70% of treated patients. Women in the study used the green tea creamtwice a day and reported significant improvement in their skin condition.Evening primrose essential oil contains fattyacids, which decrease skin inflammation and increase the constriction of skincapillaries. Sea buckthorn oil is mainly used in Eastern medicine.The oil is rich in vitamins C and E and essential fatty acids and these ingredientsare proven to help in rosacea treatment.

Health Supplements for Rosacea

Some supplements may help to ease rosacea symptoms. Specialistmay recommend Solgar products, such as VM75 (multivitamins and minerals) and advancedantioxidant formula with L-glutathione. Also, some find that lecithin granules,essential balance capsules or supergest digestive enzyme from Higher Naturehelp to improve the condition.

Food Advice for Rosacea Patients

Patients suffering from rosacea are advised to eat high fiberfoods, whole grains and plenty of vegetables and vegetable juices. Berries, especiallybilberry, blackberry and blueberry are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids andare really good for this skin disorder.

Certain foods should be avoided. These include: pork, beefand lamb, milk products, fried food, salt and sugar. Coffee, alcohol, hotdrinks and spicy food may cause redness and should be avoided too.

Some specialists suggest that rosacea patients might be bestto become vegetarians or vegans.

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