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Introduction to broken chest capillaries

When broken capillaries occur anywhere on the body, they appear as very small red threads, and this breaking of the capillaries is usually caused by the narrowing and widening that the capillary walls experience.Causes

Capillaries are the smallest type of blood vessels and they connect arteries to veins in the body. When they are forced to widen and then narrow quickly, the walls tear and blood comes out. When this occurs, a person will notice red and purple lines forming on the skin.

People with sensitive skin are prone to experiencing this problem and capillaries walls can break in these cases even under the slightest bit of pressure.

A person who has family members that have experienced broken capillaries in the chest area is more prone to experiencing this themselves.

Injuries to the chest area can also cause this problem, especially, hard blows to the chest and high impact injuries.

People who work out with weights can also experience broken capillaries in the chest, especially if they do not give the chest muscles enough time to rest in between exercises.

The lack of rest in the muscles affects the blood flow and the narrowing and widening of the blood vessels.

Pregnant women are also prone to suffering from this problem, because there is a lot of blood flowing through their bodies, which causes many veins to enlarge.

Capillaries in the chest can break because of exposure to extremely cold weather conditions.Treatment

The problem with broken capillaries is that they will probably not heal, but instead, a person must try to cover them up if they are bothering them.

The treatment of the condition will also be easier when make up is used to cover them up first.

Concealer or foundation can be used, but it is important for the skin to have an even tone. Men should not really have a problem, since their chest area is not often exposed, but women can try using cover up methods to limit the visibility of the broken capillaries.

The easiest and fastest, but also most expensive, treatment for these broken capillaries is laser treatment. However, a doctor needs to be consulted first. If you do not have the money for this option, there are some creams available commercially that can help to get rid of the broken capillaries.

The best thing to do however is to try and prevent them from occurring.

This can be done my making sure to rest the chest adequately after a tough workout and to protect sensitive skin as well as possible from conditions that can cause the capillaries to break.

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