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Broken capillaries can cause temporal redness of the eye, and they are responsible for the appearance of red spots in front of a person who has broken capillaries. The cause for broken capillaries isn’t a serious condition, as our capillaries can break from a sudden sneeze, or vomiting. When it happens, conjunctiva can’t absorb that blood so fast, and your eye may look bloody for a couple of days. The other name for broken capillaries is subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Causes of Broken Capillaries

There are a couple of factors that may be responsible for subconjunctival hemorrhage. In most cases, these causes are minor and don’t require any serious treatment. Capillaries usually break when you are lifting something heavy, or doing a sudden action like sneezing. In other cases, bleeding can be caused by some eye injury, or by something that increases the eye pressure. During the long medical practice, it has been recorded that some medical conditions, prescribed drugs and some herbs also contribute to the capillaries breaking. Medications that cause it are the ones that are used as blood thinners such as warfarin and Aspirin. There are some herbs that also cause breaking of capillaries and they include gingko biloba, ginseng, and garlic.

When this happens, the most obvious sign is the redness of the eye. This condition doesn’t carry along any serious problems, eye discharge, or problems with your sight. Redness of the eye can be a little discomforting and annoying, though someone can experience itching on the surface of the eye, too.


Some special treatment for broken capillaries isn’t necessary as this condition goes away within several days. Red spot on the eye also vanishes after a couple of days. One can use some eye drops or artificial tears so that the eye is soothed, but there is no need for other treatment methods. Still, when facing with broken capillaries often, one has to bear in mind that some other, underlying medical conditions can be responsible for this, because eye redness can appear due to glaucoma, diabetes, eye infection or conjunctivitis. That is why we recommend eye check, at least in order to rule out these medical conditions, or start a proper treatment if you are diagnosed with some condition. A great number of people has broken capillaries because of a sudden sneeze or some other sudden action, but one has to be sure that everything is in order with his/her sight.

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