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The blood vessels in the human bodyform a vast network throughout the body. The blood vessel network is comprisedof arteries, arterioles, veins and capillaries. These blood vessels can easilyrupture due to many causes. Broken blood vessels are consideredto be a medical condition, which is marked by the rupture or the break of the tinyblood vessels that are located right below the skin.

Causes and symptoms of broken blood vessels

In the majority of cases, the bloodvessels rupture due to a minor trauma or injury, such as bruising or bumping. Another cause for the occurrence ofthis disorder of the circulatory system is aging. When one ages, the bloodvessels become thinner and they can easily break. Other causes of the broken bloodvessels are hypertension or high blood pressure, certain medications andmalnutrition.

The main symptom of this conditionis a visible mark on the skin below which the rupture happened. The appearanceof a purple mark or a blood spot on the skin is also a sign of the broken bloodvessel. Furthermore, when the blood vesselsbreak, the person may experience the pain when he/she touches the affected area.

Broken blood vessels in differentparts of the body

The broken blood vessels usuallyoccur in the eyes, on face, in hands, legs and brain.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage is themedical term for the broken blood vessels in the eye. When it occurs, the blood tendsto leak between the conjunctiva and sclera. As a consequence, the reddening ofthe eye appears. It is not painful condition and it heals on its own after twoweeks. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor.Nose, cheeks, chin and forehead arethe parts of the face that are also susceptible to the broken blood vessels disorder.The main causes for it are aging, exposure to sun, stress and rosacea. When thebroken blood vessels occur on the face, it is visible and therefore, it requiresa treatment in order to get rid of the visible marks.When the limbs are injured, the brokenblood vessels occur. Broken vessels in hands or legs can also heal on their ownwithin a week or two.The broken blood vessels in the brain are a very serious condition and may bevery harmful for the whole body and not just for the brain. Speech disruption, visionproblems and headaches usually appear as the symptoms of the broken bloodvessels in the brain.

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