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Breast tenderness

Tenderness of the breasts is amongthe most common conditions in women. Every woman has experienced this conditionmany times during her life. Breast tenderness is actually afeeling of heaviness in the breasts. The tender breasts are usually painfulwhen touched or pressed. The breast tenderness may also occurin men, although it is more frequent in women, since the women are more prone tothe hormonal fluctuations. This condition is usually temporaryand is not a serious health condition. However, if the breasts are constantlytender and the accompanied pain is persistent, the person who suffers from itshould consult a doctor, because it can be a symptom of some underlying healthcondition.

Causes of breast tenderness

The tenderness of breasts begins withthe onset of puberty and stops when a woman enters menopause. Therefore, when pubertybegins, the breasts start to grow due to the hormonal changes in the body. Sincethe size of the breasts becomes larger, the pain and tenderness in the breastsare common.Another cause responsible for thefeeling of heaviness in the breasts in women is pregnancy. When a woman ispregnant, her breasts tend to swell and enlarge since they prepare themselvesfor the breastfeeding. The tenderness in the breasts also occurs due to thehormonal changes, especially due to the changes in the levels of the hormone estrogen.Furthermore, when a mother breastfeedsher newborn baby, her breasts may become tender since there are large number offull milk ducts in her breasts. In the case when she cannot empty her bothbreasts, they become heavy, enlarged and painful. The tender breasts are also among the main symptoms of premenstrual syndrome,but it may also occur during menstruation. It happens due to water retentionin the breasts during this period.Women in menopause may also feel tenderness in their breasts since the level ofestrogen is significantly reduced during this period, thus causing hormonal imbalancein the body.Furthermore, tenderness in thebreasts may occur due to many breasts disorders or diseases. Fibrocystic breastdisease is also responsible for the occurrence of this condition. Fibrocysticbreast disease is a condition marked by the formation of tiny fluid-filled cystsin the breasts, which causes soreness in the breasts.Breast cancer also leads to the occurrenceof tender and sore breasts.Breasts infections, such as mastitis,are also responsible for the incidence of the tender breasts.

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